This is Esa

This is Esa:

I am a 44-year-old expert in international co-operation and a keen promoter and representative of Tampere’s expertise and cooperation culture with 19 years’ experience of leadership and a truly extensive network in the City of Tampere, Tampere Region, nationally and internationally.  I hold a master’s degree and my specialization is in International Relations.  I have been the Director of the Baltic Institute of Finland for some considerable time and have been involved in a wide range of measures for the development of Tampere and active in the development of Tampere’s networks, local, national and international – from business development to culture and from education to eGovernment.  With such a background my knowledge of decision-making and local developer networks in Tampere is exceptionally strong.  I am also experienced in presenting Tampere and its expertise in various international forums. I stand for the internationalization of Tampere and for the European spirit in my role as chairman of the Tampere branch of the European Movement in Finland.

Telephone number +358 50 516 9111



Twitter: @KokkonenEsa


The Baltic Institute of Finland:


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