This is Esa

This is Esa:

Esa Kokkonen is a keen promoter of the Baltic Sea region and European cooperation with 24 years’ experience of leadership in international cooperation projects, networks and events covering a wide range of topics in the field of innovation. Esa holds M.Pol.Sci (Int.rel.) from the University of Turku, Finland, and has also studied international relations and international law at the University of Michigan, USA. Esa lectures frequently on Baltic Sea cooperation and international project management issues.

Key qualifications:

– Strong knowledge of European innovation, macroregional and external cooperation policies and instruments; administrative, economic and cooperation structures and instruments in the Baltic Sea region and in other European macroregions, as well as of the EU institutions and decision-making systems
– Comprehensive contact and cooperation network in the Baltic Sea region and Europe-wide (national, regional and local authorities, EU institutions, political decision-makers, business sector, academic institutions, business development and innovation agencies and cultural institutions)
– International project management skills: initiation, planning and management of international cooperation projects and initiatives in the Baltic Sea region and Europe-wide since 1998
– Organizational management: overall management and direction, strategic planning, budgeting, financial management and organizational development
– Strong written, oral and interpersonal communication skills: numerous lectures, speeches and articles on Baltic Sea region and European innovation and macroregional cooperation
– Under Esa’s leadership, the Baltic Institute of Finland (BIF) has developed into one of the leading collaborative bodies for the Baltic Sea region. BIF has been involved in more than 150 collaborative projects and organised hundreds of events in the Baltic Sea region and Europe-wide.
– Esa has been also serving as Ombudsman of the Foundation for the Baltic Institute of Finland, since July 2012, and as the main Coordinator of the Policy Area Innovation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR), since September 2018

Telephone number +358 50 516 9111



Twitter: @KokkonenEsa


The Baltic Institute of Finland:, Twitter @BalticInstitute


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