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MAKING TAMPERE A MORE OPEN CITY                                                                                                  

Your candidate for the Tampere City Council 2017

Mr. Esa Kokkonen

National Coalition Party

Candidate number 536

I am a Tampere candidate of the National Coalition Party in the local elections to be held in April 2017.  I hereby announce my candidacy to be a member of the Tampere City Council, keen to work for a city that is even more open, more attractive and more international. My election pledge is to make Tampere a MORE OPEN CITY – internationally and also internally – dynamic, tolerant, a pioneer in open administration.

Making Tampere open internationally 

The only way to make sure that Tampere is successful, with a sustainable economy, an attractive living environment and top-quality services is to make sure that our city continues to offer an attractive and internationally competitive operating and living environment for domestic and international workforce, students, researchers and cultures.

Tampere needs to be seen and heard internationally – open to new arrivals and new influences, capable of deriving maximum benefit from European co-operation and the opportunities offered by the European Union.  As a city of technology and culture Tampere is the city for creative, clever people.  Let’s make it the city of three T’s by making TOLERANCE, TECHNOLOGY and TALENT our city’s major strengths.

A European city the size of Tampere should position itself to act internationally: seek additional funding, expertise and co-operation partners through the EU networks and programmes, attract workforce and investments from around the world, form strategic alliances and specialize smartly.

Given its position as the national second city, there are relatively few immigrants in Tampere and compared to other major Nordic cities there are very few indeed.  Tampere should be prepared for a shortage of labour in the near future with top-quality services for immigrants, a multicultural approach to development, tolerant attitudes and active cooperation for internationalization.  It is not enough that Tampere is already the most attractive city in Finland; it needs to be even more attractive to immigrants.

Let’s make Tampere tops in user-driven municipal services

The people, firms and communities should be welcomed into the development and production of the services provided by our city.  User-driven innovation can create a totally new dialogue between the decision-makers and the people they serve.  Add to this utilization of open data, that is, open up the city’s information sources and create new jobs, new business, growth and a sense of community.

The only way to benefit from user-centred service innovation and open data in the form of new businesses, new jobs, better services and a greater sense of community is to put user-drivenness and open administration at the very centre of service production in the City of Tampere and so make sure of political and strategic support.

Innovating user-driven municipal services is the best possible way to strengthen municipal democracy.  This will improve people’s chances to participate and exert influence, and make the services and city environments suit the needs of the people who live here – all the way from elderly care to improving the city centre.

The procurements processes of the City of Tampere should also be opened up and developed so that even small companies and organizations have better chances to do well in competitive bidding and participate in the further development and production of municipal services.

This is Esa:

I am a 44-year-old expert in international co-operation and a keen promoter and representative of Tampere’s expertise and cooperation culture with 19 years’ experience of leadership and a truly extensive network in the City of Tampere, Tampere Region, nationally and internationally.  I hold a master’s degree and my specialization is in International Relations.  I have been the Director of the Baltic Institute of Finland for some considerable time and have been involved in a wide range of measures for the development of Tampere and active in the development of Tampere’s networks, local, national and international – from business development to culture and from education to eGovernment.  With such a background my knowledge of decision-making and local developer networks in Tampere is exceptionally strong.  I am also experienced in presenting Tampere and its expertise in various international forums. I stand for the internationalization of Tampere and for the European spirit in my role as chairman of the Tampere branch of the European Movement in Finland.

Telephone number 050-516 9111



Twitter: @KokkonenEsa


The Baltic Institute of Finland:


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